Over time drains slowly build up grime, residue, hair, small toys and even invaders from the outside – roots. If your drain is clogged or slow to drain, call Cutting Edge Sewer and have us come out and look. You never know what is down your drain especially with older homes or newly purchased homes. Who knows, maybe Joe will pull out a monster like the clog in our latest picture. Pulling out a clog that big will definitely remedy the draining situation.

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A clogged kitchen sink can put a damper on your meal time cooking endeavors.  The kitchen drain is used and abused throughout the day from water running into the sink, garbage disposal and the dishwasher.  With the multiple sources it is no wonder why the kitchen sink gets clogged.

One of the biggest reason a kitchen sink gets plugged up so often is the fact that the kitchen is normally located on an outside wall, far away from the main stack.  The kitchen sink drain pipe runs horizontal for a long distance which increases the chance of plugging up.

bigstock-Hands-of-professional-Plumber--52258099To help eliminate the clogging of your kitchen drain try to place more leftover foods in the waste basket rather than using the disposer. Also, clean off more plates into the waste basket rather than placing in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to make sure the vent is clear and inspect the drain pipe to make sure there is decline from the sink to the main stack.

A clogged kitchen drain is usually a hard to unclogged by one self and normally requires using a professional to properly snake the entire drain to the main vertical stack.

Make sure you hire a professional drain cleaner to clear out your clogged kitchen sink drain. Call Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain at 763-232-5506.


Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or Night

OK – we know this could be a stinky subject but it does need to be addressed.  The throne, otherwise know as the toilet, does have its moments where it just will not flush well and is getting clogged more and more.  Below we put together a few remedies to acquire smooth sailing.

First of all, we need to understand how the toilet is built and how it functions.  The hole you see at the bottom of the toilet does not go straight down the pipe.  The channel within the toilet is actually a lay down s shape so water purposely stays in the channel inside the toilet. The water actually completely blocks air, or most of all sewer gas, seeping into your home.  When you flush the toilet the water in  the tank falls and pushes out the solids and water that was originally located in the bottom of the toilet.

Secondly, why/how the toilet gets clogged.  The main reason toilets get clogged is because solids in the s curve are stuck or too heavy to be pushed out. Another reason it may be time for a new toilet.  Old toilets will develop spots where solids, paper can get stuck and not flow well. Also, check the venting which could slow down water flow. Also, do not forget the dreaded kids toys or objects dropped in the toilets.

bigstock-A-plumber-uses-a-plunger-to-un-30686324Listed below are ways to increase flowage and unclog the throne.

  1. Use plunger

  2. Use chemical such as; Drano or Liquid Plumber

  3. Use a hand snake

  4. Purchase a new toilet

  5. Clean out vents

  6. Hire a professional and quit messing around

To have your toilet un-clogged for $79 call  Cutting Edge Sewer at 763-232-5506

Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or Night

Trees are beautiful additions to any home. Trees add privacy, block wind, provide shade and add a nice decorative element to the home. Trees have some obvious negative features also.  They can grow and cause problems with any overhead lines, they can come down in a storm and damage property. Trees can have – not so obvious, negative problems that lurk in the ground – clogged sewer lines.

Trees need water, nutrients and oxygen to survive and if they need these, tree roots will search for them did they find a source. Sewer lines provide tree roots what they crave and will search for an opening in the pipe or create its own.  If there is a little trickle leaking from a sewer line the roots will zero in on that spot.

You do not want tree roots growing in your sewer line.  Slowing but surely the roots will block solids and eventually stop liquid from flowing thru.  So to get rid of tree roots and clean out your sewer drain call Cutting Edge Sewer at 763-232-5506.

drain clog

Weighing in at 2.4 pounds, and measuring 3 feet 2 inches–this catch, ladies and gentlemen, does not create the fishing trip of dreams. Earlier this week, we pulled this monster out of a residential bathtub drain. This long piece of towel was waiting patiently to be caught by Cutting Edge Sewer. Feel free to ask the question, “how could something like that get in my drain?”

Do you know what could be lurking in the depths? Are your drains working slowly? Is there a bizarre odor emanating from your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room? Well folks, it very well could be a similar issue.

Accompanying years of use without professional cleaning, these ‘catches’ could be waiting in your drains and they may verge on the terrifying. Avoiding this crucial step, could cause you quite a headache in the future in the form of major flooding and water damages.

So call Cutting Edge Sewer at 763-232-5506 to ‘go fishing’ in your drains today!

bigstock-Portrait-of-a-young-woman-hold-55157804Drain Cleaning – Part of Spring Cleaning!

Spring is right around the corner. Have you ever thought of having drain cleaning part of your spring cleaning list?

Think of this – all year and winter long your drains keep working.  Discharges from kitchen sinks, dishwasher, bathtubs, garbage disposals, dehumidifiers, laundry, etc., add up to major stink and potential for clogs. To get rid of those fowl odors and make your laundry rooms and basements more inviting have them professionally cleaned.

To minimize stink and potential clogs it is recommended that your drains be cleaned thoroughly at least once every two years. Now, you might be thinking you have never had drains cleaned  and you have lived in your house 20 years. Well it might be something to think about for the simple fact that if one of your pipes decides to break when you are on vacation the water will at least be able to drain. Drains are one of the most over looked maintenance items in the home.

Make drain cleaning part of your spring cleaning – call Cutting Edge Sewer Today! 763-232-5506.


PlumberMost people think only their plumping lines can freeze – wrong. Minnesota is experiencing a deep freeze normally not seen.  With the sub zero weather we have been having, many drains and sewer lines are freezing and cracking.  If your kitchen sink, or other drain is on an exterior wall and covered or in a cabinet the temperature can drop below freezing.

Sewer lines also have been freezing. This tends to happen because sewer lines are settling and water settles in areas of the pipe and freezes.

If you are experience slow or not moving drains make sure you call Cutting Edge Sewer, for same day service, to clear up clogged or frozen drains.


We can get to you fast, call now  763-232-5506

We can get to you fast, call now 763-232-5506

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